My Mission:

To support the creation of just and equitable school systems where all students, teachers, support providers, and school leaders can thrive academically, professionally, and as whole people.


What I Offer



  • Planning, support, and problem solving for school leaders, and leaders of mentoring and coaching  programs
  • Design of professional development to support individualized program needs
  • Support for addressing issues of educational equity
  • Support for aligning Induction Program design and Induction Standards


  • Individual coaching for teachers, mentors/coaches, program and school leaders to take your work to the next level
  • Coaching in supporting teacher effectiveness and educational equity
  • Mentor seminars and training to support ongoing professional development
  • Development of coaching component to support curricular innovations


  • Mentoring and Coaching for Equity
  • Culturally Responsive Mentoring and Teaching
  • Mentoring for Resilience
  • Adult Social and Emotional Learning
  • Supporting Teachers of English learners
  • Cognitive Coaching skills
  • Coaching in Challenging Situations

I’ve had the pleasure of learning from and working with Sarah over the past few years in her role as consultant for Oakland Unified School District and beyond. While her excellent reputation precedes her, I’ve had first hand experience with her expert cognitive coaching skills as she supported us with program design, writing professional development, and creating and facilitating retreats.

Some of the characteristics I most appreciate about Sarah include her reflective practice, ability to listen, get to the root of the matter and her equity lens. I highly recommend Sarah Young for her coaching, coach training, facilitation and consulting expertise.”
—Nyere da Silva, Talent Development Associate/Lead New Teacher Coach  – Oakland Unified School District

Yesterday’s workshop (Mentoring for Equity) was one of the most, if not the most, powerful workshops I have attended in twenty-three years in this profession. I say this because it was highly relevant, emotionally effective and thought provoking beyond anything I have experienced in recent memory. Curiously, It did not leave me in need or distraught but feeling relevant, listened-to, and like I was a part of a group of educators who addressed one of the most important issues in our profession.  – Tom Carter, Mentor and Teacher, San Lorenzo Unified School District